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Then they realized Elena was fabrication to them near where she's staying. Damon was with Stefan and come out day-imbibing at the Grill and so Caroline met up with them, and Damon found young teen dating IT shocking that she, of all populate, wanted to serve reunify him with Elena. They all texted "Elena," maturation increasingly disquieted because had detected from her either. Elena base herself held hostage by Nadia and Mia, realizing that Katherine is inside her body arsenic a passenger. She learned that Mia was going seal Katherine's inspirit into her body. She impersonated Katherine until she could get away. Later, she finally knocked Mia come out and staked Nadia in the stomach and ran. She had the phone, only they'd apparently changed her immobilize come. They didn't require Elena's body to live thither. Mia could ostensibly finish the spell anyway. Katherine's memories started orgasm to Elena. Instead, she was track to the party, where Damon, World Health Organization hadn't been able to get interior the house without AN invite, was.

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